PSI is committed to systematically assessing the therapeutic efficacy of medical cannabis and hemp. To this end, PSI has developed a powerful mobile application tool that can be used to longitudinally assess the effects of specific products. Using a set of methodical questionnaires we can evaluate the impact of medical cannabis and hemp products on the wellbeing and medical conditions of patients and customers. Presently we have two questionnaires, MOAT-17 and PROMT-12.


MOAT-17, Medical Outcomes Assessment Tool, is used to collect baseline pain data from patients and track their response to medical cannabis. Developed by a clinical physician, MOAT-17 is a powerful tool for doctors and researchers. This questionnaire is particularly effective for monitoring the reduction of opioid use in cases of chronic pain.  


PROMT-12, Product Response and Outcomes Measurement Tool, allows patients and consumers to evaluate a product based upon both it's physical characteristics and the medical effects it provides. PROMT-12 is particularly useful for dispensaries.