Science is at the heart of PSI's mission. Applying evidence-based data to advance patient health and safety is our goal. Through scientific study we can discover and substantiate the therapeutic efficacy of the Cannabis plant.

Our team is engaged in ground-breaking research that will evolve the quality of medical cannabis. From targeted breeding to cannabinoid extraction and chromatography to clinical trials, we approach research with diligence, passion, and integrity.

Our list of project is constantly growing. Be sure to check back for updates. If you would like more information about any of our research projects please contact us.


Clinical studies

PSI is performing a clinical study titled "Medical Outcomes of Participation in a Medical Cannabis Program". The study aims to determine the efficacy of Cannabis in reducing opioid and benzodiazepine use, rank the effectiveness of different cannabis formulations for specific patient populations, and establish protocols for the administration of cannabis for specific patient populations. 

ongoing research

PSI is engaged in the following ongoing research studies in partnership with the Vermont Patients Alliance:

  1. Randomized, cross-over, double-blinded study of three different Cannabis strains in cancer patients with chronic pain requiring opioids.
  2. Randomized, cross-over, double-blinded study of Cannabis strains in patients with chronic pain due to arthritis who do not require opioids.
  3. Randomized, cross-over, double-blinded study of Cannabis strains in patients with frequent migraine headache.

Preliminary results will be analyzed and distributed in 2017. 


Light Modification in Vermont Cannabis Cultivation 

In partnership with Vermont Patients Alliance, PSI is conducting a study which examines the combined use of supplemental lighting and light deprivation as a method to extend the Vermont growing season and identify best practices for growing cannabis in the New England climate. We believe this cutting-edge data will help shape the future of industrial Cannabis cultivation in Vermont. Future trials will compare metal halide and LED light fixtures to assess energy consumption and productivity in a greenhouse settings.

Soil Treatment and Cannabis Yield 

In partnership with the Vermont Patients Alliance, PSI is conducting multiple research studies for both indoor and outdoor growing of Cannabis. The primary outcome measures are total yield of usable Cannabis flower across each treatment and cultivar. Secondary outcome measures are changes of the biologically active chemicals in the plant, water retention in the soil, pest management and carbon sequestration. 

Multiple trials are underway to study organic fertilization and top dressing. Utilizing uniform growing conditions, we meticulously track nutrient recipes and application schedules to identify the most effective strategies for different genetic cultivars. We are developing innovative growing methods by comparing quality and yield with chemical composition of the plant’s biologically active chemicals.


targeted breeding in medical hemp

PSI is using targeting breeding techniques to developing medical hemp strains that have a high concentration of CBD and can flourish in New England.

“Cannabinoids and opioids share several pharmacologic properties and may act synergistically. The potential pharmacokinetics and the safety of the combination in humans are unknown. We therefore undertook a study to answer these questions…We concluded that vaporized cannabis augments the analgesic effects of opioids without significantly altering plasma opioid levels. The combination may allow for opioid treatment at lower doses with fewer side effects.”
— Abrams et al. (2011). Clin Pharmacol Ther 90(6):844-51.