TESTING & Certification

Analytical testing ensures the quality and safety of medical cannabis. Providing a product with a seal of approval adds value. It provides assurance to a consumer that the product meets an established criteria of excellence and safety.

Extraction &
PRODUCT Development

PSI performs Supercritical Fluid Extractions and offers post-processing and product formulation services. PhytoScience's medicinal and nutritional products are powered by PhytoScience Inside™. We are committed to producing products that are verifiably consistent, predictable, and pure.


We are committed to advancing product quality and consumer safety in the cannabis industry. PSI is engaged in several clinical trials that assess the efficacy of medical cannabis and hemp.



PSI is engaged in developing educational programs that will advance product quality and consumer safety in the cannabis industry. We provide evidence-based information to professionals and the general public through our speaker series and college level curriculum.


PSI provides consulting services to cannabis and hemp cultivators, producers, analytical laboratories, extraction laboratories, and dispensaries across the country. 


Medical Outcome
Assessment Tool

PSI is committed to systematically assessing the therapeutic efficacy of medical cannabis and hemp. To this end, PSI has developed a powerful mobile application that can be used to longitudinally assess the effects of specific products.