Testing & Certification


PSI provides analytical testing to hemp cultivators* and medical cannabis dispensaries* in the state of Vermont. If you are interested in testing please contact us.

Analytical Tests

5-Part Cannabinoid Potency
Terpene Profile
Moisture Analysis

Testing packages are available. All results are strictly confidential.

PSI uses Supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) to perform Cannabinoid Potency tests. SFC is the most reliable and accurate form of testing available. Because no heat is involved in the process, SFC is able to distinguish between naturally occurring acidic and neutral compounds.

Gas Chromatography (GC) is used for Terpene Profiling. GC is appropriate for separating and analyzing compounds that can be vaporized without decomposition, such as the essential oils in terpenes and volatile chemical residues. 

*Cultivators must be registered with the Vermont Agency of Agriculture. Dispensaries must be registered with the Vermont Marijuana Registry.

Product Certification

PSI has developed a strict set of standards for sampling and analytical testing to ensure consumer safety. Your products may qualify as "PSI Certified Medical Grade" if they meet all state regulations and pass our qualifications. 

Providing a product with a seal of approval adds value to the product. The "PSI Certified" seal affirms that your products have passed stringent standards for sampling and testing and provides consumers with the assurance that the product meets an established standard of excellence and safety.