Clinical study

PSI is performing a clinical study titled "Medical Outcomes of Participation in a Medical Cannabis Program".

Medical outcome assessment tool

PSI is committed to systematically assessing the therapeutic efficacy of medical cannabis and hemp. To this end, PSI has developed a powerful mobile application that can be used to longitudinally assess the effects of specific products. Using a set of methodical questionnaires we can evaluate the effects of medical cannabis and hemp products on the wellbeing and medical conditions of patients and customers. The tool is particularly effective in tracking levels of opioid addiction and chronic pain. PSI is presently utilizing the Medical Outcomes Assessment Tool in clinical trials, at dispensaries, and as a method of collecting marketing data from retailers. 


In 2016, PSI authored a white paper titled "Cannabis Testing for Public Safety – Best Practices for Vermont Analytical Laboratories” to aid the Vermont legislature in developing rules and regulations for ensuring the safety of the state’s medical cannabis program.